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November 8, 2016 Kansas General Election

Candidates for United States House Of Representatives District 4, Kansas

Daniel B. Giroux - D
Mike Pompeo - R
Gordon Bakken - L
Miranda Allen - I
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Mike Pompeo
General Philosophy
Personal and Family
Professional Experience
Civic Involvement
Political Experience
Religious Affiliation
Accomplishments and Awards
Educational Background
Military Service
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Goals If Elected
Health & Medical
Prescription Drugs
Mental Health Mass Shootings
Environment & Climate Change
Climate Change & Global Warming
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Regulation
Global Environmental Standards
Developing World Climate Change & Energy
Energy Efficiency & Standards
Clean Air Act of 1963
Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)
Labor, Wages & Unions
Minimum Wage
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Income Inequality
Worker Rights and Benefits
Equal Pay
Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuels
Fracking and Natural Gas
Developing World Climate Change & Energy
Energy Efficiency & Standards
Jobs, Economy, Trade, Business, Industry & Agriculture
Small Businesses
Income Inequality
Foreign Job Outsourcing
$700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Bailout
Farm Bill
Corporate & Business Taxes
Income Taxes
Taxing the Wealthiest
Tax Proposals
Education & Schools
Private Schools Vouchers and Funding
Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance in Schools
Pre-School and Early Childhood Education
No Child Left Behind
Common Core Education
Evolution and Intelligent Design Education
Home Schooling
Civil, Religious, LGBTQ & Human Rights
Civil Rights
Gay Rights
Persons with Disabilities
Affirmative Action
Same Sex Marriage
Hate Crimes Legislation
Racial Profiling
Muslims Entering US
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
Gender Equality
Government, Elections & Politics
Government Shut Down
Government & Democracy
Government Corruption and Ethics
Federal Bureaucracy & Regulations
Partisan Gridlock
Post Office & Postal Banking
Ballot Measures & Citizen Participation
Separation of Church & State
Immigration, Border Security, Terrorism & Homeland Security
Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum Seekers
The Wall, Border Security & Border Patrol
Immigration Policy & Reform
Airport, Air, Rail & Port Security
Illegal Immigration Enforcement
Illegal Immigrants Social Services
Cyber Security & 5G
Muslims Entering US
Illegal Immigration Amnesty
National Security Agency (NSA) & Citizen Surveillance
Domestic Intelligence & Agencies
Housing & Communities
Low Income and Public Housing & Assistance
Infrastructure & Transportation
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Debt, Deficit Spending & Limits
Fiscal Policy
Federal Budget
Gun & Property Rights
Guns & Gun Control
Right to Own Guns - Second Amendment
Mental Health Mass Shootings
Gun Show Checks & Manufacturer Law Suits
Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun
Courts, Laws & Justice
Criminal Justice System, Reform & Disparity
Death Penalty
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
Crime, Police & Imprisonment
Death Penalty
Crime & Prevention
Hate Crimes Legislation
Corporate Crime and Fraud
Domestic Violence
Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling & Prostitution
Illegal Drugs
Metamphetamines and Opioids
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
North Korea
Foreign Aid
Refugee Crisis
Values, Religion, Family, Patriotism & Public Service
American Values
Family Values
National Service and AmeriCorps
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
Ordination of Women and Gay Clergy
Military, National Defense & Veterans
Defense and Military Budget
Department of Defense and Pentagon
Homeless Veterans
Abortion, Pro-Life & Genetic Engineering
Abortion(Pro-Choice) v Pro-Life
Stem Cell Research
Life Beginning at Conception
Racial Profiling
Affirmative Action
Sex & Sexuality
Gay Rights
Same Sex Marriage
Gender Equality
Technology, Internet, Media, Science & Space
Internet Neutrality
Rural Internet Access
Cyber Security & 5G
Banks & Finance
Glass-Steagall Act
Dodd-Frank Act
Seniors, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions
Social Security
Privatizing Social Security
Consumers & Food
Dodd-Frank Act
Poverty, Welfare & Hunger
Poor Children
Low Income and Public Housing & Assistance
Rural Poverty
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